The classic porcelain vase GUBEL designed by PIECE of DENMARK, is 100 % handmade in a pottery on the Danish island of Langeland. The idea behind the GUBEL was to create a product with a double value: A product that is both a vase and also a sculpture in itself. GUBEL takes its inspiration from jellyfish (in Danish gopler) – floating, alluring and magical.

The GUBEL is a limited edition product from PIECE of DENMARK, characterized by craftsmanship and a distinct expression due to its raw porcelain exterior.

Porcelain vase GUBEL designed by PIECE of DENMARK is dishwasher safe. GUBEL is designed in to sizes. GUBEL G18 H 16 cm / D 18 cm and GUBEL G14 H 7 cm / D 14 cm

The classic porcelain vase GUBEL designed by PIECE of DENMARK

PIECE of DENMARK is founded by architect Dorte Kjettrup and designer Susanne Holmvang. Their work continually crosses back and forth between the worlds of design and sculpture, and often people experience that the items have an expression that make an impression. The love for fine craftsmanship as well as attention to detail and choice of material result in products incomparable to others.

The philosophy behind the designs made by PIECE of DENMARK is to create products with an uncompromising approach to quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics. We believe in products that are not only fashionable, but also durable, and can be enjoyed for generations.

PIECE of DENMARK currently works with Scandinavian materials such as porcelain and glass, but we’re planning to extend the range of materials. We devote a lot of time to developing our designs because we insist that both craftsmanship and expression be nothing less than exquisite.

Porcelain vase GUBEL designed by PIECE of DENMARK was winder in 2016 of  “Bedst design adward”.