The CONIC candlestick has a timeless design and fits into many connections; it can be arranged beautifully in groups or separately.


CONIC candlestick addresses you in a timeless minimalistic mode of expression. The classical conic form leaves an elegant look.


The detail with a space between brass and light causes lightness and elegance.


Since the candlesticks is in 100% brass it´s easy to clean. Clean with boiling water and polish with polish for brass. Stearin residue is easily removed by pouring the stains gently with boiling water. Do NOT use dish washer.


The candlestick is manufactured in pure solid brass and can be obtained in 4 sizes.
7 cm – 6 cm – 5 cm and 4 cm / D 3,5 cm


Materiale : 100 % solid brass

Dimensions : H 7 cm / D 3,5 cm

350,00 DKK


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